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2021 - Volume 5 [Issue 1]

Search for Plasmodium Trophozoites in Volunteer Blood Donors at the Djougou Blood Transfusion Station

Aïkou Nicolas, Oubri Bassa Gbati, Rock Allister. Lapo, Ahoyo. Angèle Théodora, Cyriaque Degbey, Aïkou Nadine Lucrèce. Mirèze, Aïkou Arielle Nadège Emérentienne, Lydie Zannou, Ibrahim Alkoare, Edorh Patrick

Page: 1-7
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Age Groups and Haemoglobin Genotypes Influence Malaria Occurrence among Patients in Sokoto Specialist Hospital, Sokoto State, Nigeria

S. Y. Lema, A. Kabiru, M. A. Yahaya, A. S. Fana

Page: 8-16
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Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitosis in the Pediatrics Department at the Hospital of Zone Saint Jean De Dieu De Tanguieta (Hz Sjdt) Atacora (Republic of Benin, West Africa)

Aïkou Nicolas, Olounlade Pascal, Cyriaque Degbey, Ahoyo A. Theodora, Lydie Zannou, Gnangle B. Rosen, Oubri Bassa Gbati, L. M. Aïkou Nadine, N. E. Arielle Aikou Arielle

Page: 17-25
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